AirJetTM Vision

AirJet Vision is a significant investment in the advancement of vision grading technology utilized for the cherry and blueberry industries. GP Graders has undertaken a 5 month testing period of the technology in which the customer has acknowledged the superior results from the testing period.

AirJet Vision is:
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • Requires a maximum of 1-2 hours in training on system
  • Utilizes the latest in vision grading camera technology
  • An improvement upon GP Graders current suite of technologies with this new innovation giving packers an ability to either convert to the AirJet™ Vision, or to upgrade their existing grading machinery
  • Superior with its vision camera capability that allows for the grading of cherries and blueberries to be achieved at the highest standard
  • Available in the next release stage with features that surpass other grading machinery in the market
  • More affordable for packers


GP Graders will continue to provide the highest level of service, advice and maintenance to all customers using any GP Graders technologies including existing platforms.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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AirJet™ Vision is easy to use and doesn’t require a thirdparty person on-site to operate. AirJet™ Vision has ensured that the interface is easy to understand, and provides the required information to a user. Expect no more than a 2 hour training session only.

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Superior Technology

In every area, we have focused on investing in taking grading machinery technology to the next level. Our new camera technology (to be released next year) will enable you to sort cherries and blueberries at a level never before possible. Expect a high-tech superior technology.

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Cost Effective

AirJet™ Vision is a substantially lower cost than existing technologies ensuring that producers can utilize their finances in other areas of the business, where costs are rising. We understand the importance of reducing the cost of technology and not charging for updates.