Fruit Logistica 2016 - Berlin

Fruit Logistica 2016 - Berlin

Come and see the AirJet® Cherry Defect Grader at Fruit Logistica, 3rd - 5th February
GP Graders is showcasing the AirJet® Cherry Grader, the world’s best defect sorter for cherries, at Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin next week. 

Come and visit GP Graders at Fruit Logistica to see our world-class, industry- leading machinery in action as we will be sorting through Tasmanian cherries at our stand. Due to the enhanced functionality of the underneath camera the AirJet® Cherry Grader is able to detect upwards of 80% of defects and provides exceptional size and colour sorting. 

The AirJet® Cherry Grader detects cherry defects including cracks (stem, side and nose cracks). This includes the detection of fresh cracks, which no other grader has been able to achieve. 

The AirJet® Cherry Defect Grader also identifies many defects below the skin; including softness, bruising, cell breakdown, shrivelling and compression damage, which the human eye often cannot see.

The AirJet® Cherry Defect Grader increases productivity, the quality of the packout and significantly reduces sorting and labour costs.