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GP Graders’ AirJet® Cherry and Grape Tomato Grader

GP Graders’ AirJet® Cherry and Grape Tomato Grader

Since 2006 GP Graders have been continually developing and improving their AirJet® electronic grading technology for small fresh produce.

GP Graders’ AirJet® electronic graders for cherry and grape tomatoes are the most technologically advanced sorting machines available in the market. This cutting-edge technology helps packers achieve the best possible returns for their produce, by dramatically reducing harvesting, sorting and packing costs.

GP Graders have spent the past several years developing algorithms specifically designed for the removal of internal and external defects of cherry and grape tomatoes. These algorithms will enable growers and packhouses to minimize sorting staff from the packing line to virtually zero. Harvesting staff are now instructed to simply strip pick crops from the vine and allow the machine to sort the tomatoes into colour shades, size and quality.

The AirJet® cherry and grape tomato grader detects external color defects including cracks and marks, perfect color separation, and superior sizing accuracy. The AirJet® grader is able to detect softness, bruising and defects across a full range of cherry and grape tomato varieties.

The processing volume is more than one tonne (1,000kgs), per lane/per hour. The AirJet® grader can gently handle each piece at high speed of 30.2 cups per second. Each piece of fruit has 30 images of the total surface area captured for analysis. This new level of analysis is unprecedented in the fresh produce industry.  

GP Graders design team and are highly skilled at creating bespoke designed machines that will be the right fit for your space. GP Graders designers understand your packing performance metric and compliance requirements and their award-winning designs reflect this.

GP Graders also offer a complete service offering suite. From Pre-Season to Post, Remote Support, Full Time / Part Time AirJet® Operators, plus an array of training courses, all your service requirements will be covered.

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