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Wandin Valley Farms, working with GP Graders.

Wandin Valley Farms is one of Australia’s largest and most highly reputable family owned cherry businesses. With a long history of quality fruit growing and export market success into Asia their primary focus is to produce the highest quality cherries exhibiting fabulous colour, flavour, and size.

GP Graders’ AirJet® Cherry and Grape Tomato Grader
Since 2006 GP Graders have been continually developing and improving their AirJet® electronic grading technology for small fresh produce.

GP Graders’ AirJet® electronic graders for cherry and grape tomatoes are the most technologically advanced sorting machines available in the market. This cutting-edge technology helps packers achieve the best possible returns for their produce, by dramatically reducing harvesting, sorting and packing costs.
A Record Year of Innovation, Design and Sales at GP Graders

The team at GP Graders’ are enjoying a record year of success. With over 55 years of experience, and through a continued commitment to innovation and service, this family business has become a global leader in the fresh produce grading and packing technology industry.

Double Your Output Without Quality Compromise
The AirJet® Blueberry grader is the latest development from innovation leaders GP Graders. It is the most technologically advanced blueberry sorting machine available in the market today.This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize how blueberries are packed and sold. 
GP Graders AirJet® Cherry Grader Set Record Production Throughput
Five years ago Tim Reid, of Reid Fruits (Tasmania, Australia) invested in his first electronic cherry grader, a 10 lane AirJet® grader.  When the time came to expand his business and upgrade machinery, Tim decided to install a new 6 lane AirJet® grader. With these two machines running side-by-side this season Tim has seen first hand the significant improvement in output capacity achievable with GP Graders’ latest technology.
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