Bin Tipper

GP Graders’ 360˚ electric bin tipper is the best available method on the market for tipping full bins of cherries into a grading line. The 360˚ “paddle wheel” style tipper causes no damage to cherries, and is the most productive and safest delivery method of any alternative tipping method in the market today.

The 360˚ electric bin tipper has a de-stacking, tipping and re-stacking cycle time of less than 60 seconds, equating to more than 10 ton per hour.

Full bins of cherries are loaded in 4 bin high stacks onto the automatic in-feed shuttle, and then electric forks de-stack full bins and convey them into the tipping cage. Bins are rotated 180° into the water receival tank once they are locked within the tipping cage. Submersion of the bin begins at a 20˚ rotation, and porous plastic bins lift cherries with water from below. In contrast, wooden bins are flooded, then lift cherries out of the bin. The bin rotates 180˚ underwater then emerges upside down and fully empty.

After the bins are unloaded, they are automatically conveyed out of the tipping cage and re-stacked to a 4-bin height.

GP Graders’ 360˚ electric bin tipper is a heavy duty unit which is smooth and quiet in its operation, totally reliable and is simple and safe to use.



  • Total cycle time - 60 seconds
  • Plastic and wooden bins
  • Fully electric - no hydraulic equipment
  • Submersion of full bin at 20˚ angle
  • Automatic de-stacker and re-stacker
  • 2 x 180˚ degree rotation cycles
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy to use electrical controls
  • Complete safety guarding
  • Photo-eye sensors