Cherry Auto Box Fillers

Our Cherry Auto Box Fillers fully automate the packing process for fresh cherries, packing them into 4.4lb and 11lb boxes, filling them to precise weights. As this completely removes the need for box-packing staff, our technology helps you to significantly cut down on costs.  

Automatically fill 4.4lb and 11lb Euro boxes, as well as other boxes with or without Barry-Bag frames. Experience a more profitable season without the requirement for box filling staff.



  • Filling speed up to 6 per minute
  • Automatic empty box feeds below sorting belts
  • Height adjustable up and down to 200mm
  • Box types: 2kg, 5kg, Euro, most other box types
  • Automatic Barry bag frame filling
  • Multi-stage box filling for large boxes and Barry bag frames
  • Automatic full box take away 
  • No staff required