Small Fruit Eliminator

The Small Fruit Eliminator (SFE) removes under sized cherries and orchard waste and only allows clean, commercially sized cherries to proceed to the AirJet® grader. This ensures your fruit is never rejected and is always of the highest quality. 

Cherries are water flooded over highly polished aluminum rollers which have a glass-like finish. Outwardly rotating rollers have a machined step at the midpoint of the roller to separate orchard waste from undersized cherries.

Undersized cherries and orchard waste falls between the electronically adjustable gap provided by the parallel sizing rollers to waste belts, then are transported to separate collection bins.

Appropriately sized cherries are transferred by water onto the metering belt. Our metering belt ensures an even spread of cherries across the belt in preparation for delivery to the singulators of the AirJet® grader. Importantly, our metering belt gives you an even load across each of the lanes of the AirJet® grader.



  • Three models: 7 lane, 9 lane and 13 lane
  • Aluminum sizing rollers – polished to a glass finish
  • Electronic sizing adjustment of parallel widths of sizer
  • Water pumps and filters included
  • 2 sets of water manipulation paddles to steer fruit
  • Metering belt evenly distributes cherries to achieve even fill across all AirJet® lanes
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel construction (AISI 304)
  • Additional set of stem cutting blades on entry